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This site presents some of the results of my independent research. It sheds fresh light on the pages of the New Testament, presenting evidence that in a few significant areas undermines the current view of the majority of biblical scholars, replacing it with a more consistent and credible history.


"And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."
Jn 8:32

1971 : Discovered a form of the computer indexing technique which became known as a 'B-tree'. From the first implementation in 1972, in a subroutine package for storing technical data, the code permitted fail-safe updates in a multi-user environment. For 30 years it was one of the primary data storage packages used by engineers at Rolls-Royce.

1980 - 2020 : Discovered the contents and structures of the original New Testament archetypes, with the aid of two novel techniques involving computer analysis of Greek text. One of these techniques enabled me to identify which archetypes had probably been codices. Unpublished.

1994 - 2006 : Discovered the solution to the Synoptic Problem, which had been in dire need of a radical new approach. Published on this web site as 'synoptic gospel sources'.

R.Price, B.Sc., B.D., M.B.C.S.


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