Page sizes as confirmation of the page hypothesis

Each set of original documents (archetypes) is listed in order of decreasing page size (Greek letters per page). The blank lines in each table are intended to highlight the fact that the derived page sizes turn out to fall into distinct groups.
This result provides very strong evidence for the validity of the page hypothesis because the number of pages posited for an archetype is closely related to its structure on the hypothesis that each writer planned his document by allocating one or more pages to each section. Therefore page sizes emerged as an incidental consequence of establishing the documents' structures.
Some smaller documents are not included because their structures (if any) and page sizes are uncertain.

Genuine letters of Paul

document page size
  Philippians - thankful letter (one page only)     811
  2 Corinthians - severe letter     809.3
  Galatians - part written by his scribe     805.9
  2 Corinthians - letter of reconciliation     801.7
  1 Corinthians     800.0
  2 Corinthians - defence of his apostolic office     799.9
  Philippians - farewell letter     798.3
  Philippians - joyful letter     794.5
  Romans     566.1
  1 Thessalonians     528.5

Formal documents and tracts

document page size
  LukeEdn1   1401.9
  Hebrews   1387.1
  Mark   1364.5
  Acts   1197.6
  Matthew   1179.3
  Colossians     985.5
  JohnEdn1     794.9
  1 John     794.9
  James     790.6
  2 Peter     607.6
  1 Peter     602.9
  Ephesians     600.0
  Pastorals     594.9
  RevEdn1     301.0