The 36 links connecting the 72 sayings into pairs

"After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them out ahead of him, in pairs ....."
Lk 10:1 (JB)

id saying link id saying
A1 Beatitudes kingdom (of God) C1 Kingdom come!
A2 Salt rejection C2 Called/chosen
A3 Lighting a lamp lamp; light C3 Eye as lamp
A4 Law primacy of divine law C4 Caesar/God
A5 Your accuser judgement C5 Request for a sign
A6 Hand/eye eye(s) C6 What you see
A7 Divorce woman C7 Womb
A8 Love enemies concern for others C8 Forgiveness
A9 Blind guide bad guidance C9 Millstone
A10 Teacher/disciple master/underling C10 Ruler/servant
A11 Be like a child humility C11 Humble exalted
A12 Eye of needle kingdom of God C12 Some standing
A13 Speck/log perception; hypocrite(s) C13 Weather signs
A14 Judge/measure measure C14 Mustard/yeast
A15 Pearls/swine animal & valuable C15 Sheep/coin
A16 Two gates two C16 Two masters
A17 Good tree tree C17 Mulberry tree
A18 Good treasure treasure; heart C18 Treasure in heaven
A19 Asking/receiving depending on your Father C19 Food & clothing
A20 Golden rule ethical summary C20 More given
A21 Disowned contrasting status; kingdom C21 Thrones
A22 Rock/sand contrasting fates C22 Last/first
B1 Following Jesus kingdom of God D1 Hinder entrance
B2 Cup of water cup D2 Clean cup
B3 Harvest crops D3 Tithe mint
B4 Mission instructions greeting(s) D4 Seats/greetings
B5 Sheep/wolves danger D5 Unmarked graves
B6 Hated/endure endurance D6 Burdens
B7 Through all ... Israel towns; 'through' Israel D7 Memorials
B8 Formal defence speaking D8 False prophets
B9 Nothing hidden not hidden; inner rooms D9 Look he is ...
B10 Division division from above D10 Lightning
B11 My disciple? death D11 Vultures
B12 Save/lose loss D12 In the days of Noah
B13 Welcome reception D13 Taken/left
B14 For/against no taking it easy D14 Watch/thief