The 36 links connecting the 72 sayings into pairs

"After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them out ahead of him, in pairs ....."
Lk 10:1 (JB)

id saying link id saying
A1 Beatitudes kingdom (of God) C1 Kingdom come!
A2 Salt rejection C2 Called or chosen
A3 Lighting a lamp lamp; light C3 Eye as lamp
A4 Law primacy of divine law C4 Caesar or God
A5 Your accuser judgement C5 Request for a sign
A6 Hand & eye eye(s) C6 What you see
A7 Divorce woman C7 Womb
A8 Love enemies concern for others C8 Forgiveness
A9 Blind guide bad guidance C9 Millstone
A10 Teacher/disciple master/underling C10 Ruler/servant
A11 Be like a child humility C11 Humble exalted
A12 Eye of needle kingdom of God C12 Bystanders
A13 Speck/log perception; hypocrite(s) C13 Weather signs
A14 Judge/measure measure C14 Mustard & yeast
A15 Pearls to pigs animal & valuable C15 Sheep & coin
A16 Two gates two C16 Two masters
A17 Good tree tree C17 Mulberry tree
A18 Good treasure treasure C18 Treasure in heaven
A19 Ask/receive depending on your Father C19 Food & clothing
A20 Golden rule ethical summary C20 More given
A21 Disowned contrasting status; kingdom C21 Thrones
A22 Rock or sand contrasting fates C22 Last or first
B1 Following Jesus kingdom of God D1 Hinder entrance
B2 Cup of water cup D2 Clean cup
B3 Harvest crops D3 Tithe mint
B4 Mission instructions greeting(s) D4 Best seats
B5 Lambs among wolves danger D5 Unmarked graves
B6 Hated/endure endurance D6 Burdens
B7 Through all Israel towns; 'through' Israel D7 Memorials
B8 Formal defence speaking D8 False prophets
B9 Bold confession not hidden; inner rooms D9 Hearsay
B10 Peace or a sword division from above D10 Lightning
B11 My disciple? death D11 Vultures
B12 Find or lose loss D12 In the days of Noah
B13 Welcome reception D13 Taken or left
B14 For or against no taking it easy D14 Keep awake